Learn, practice, and develop good 
pitching fundamentals first...
do NOT worry about throwing strikes 
when you are learning how to pitch.

If you want to become a pitcher 
throw a minimum of 300 full-speed 
practice pitches each week. 

Control should not be an issue in the beginning.   
First learn the correct way of doing the pitching motion and delivery.  
Proper form is so important. 

Proper form is the key to being a great pitcher.  
Without that you will always struggle with control and speed.  
It will also be very hard to learn and throw new pitches 
if your form is not correct. Remember to build a house 
you have to have a good foundation.  

Once you have good form your control will come 
with practice and good instruction. For speed 
there are many great drills to help increase 
your speed. Wrist snap is very important and a lot of times 
we see girls just doing a half snap. To really have good
 speed and control the wrist snap has to be correct.  
When working with new pitchers it is helpful to have 
them start with their wrist back even before they 
start there motion. This will help the muscle memory 
start to develop so they get a full snap of the wrist.​


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